Yes folks, 25,048 words and I’m only halfway through the 3rd of my 7 badly designed chapters! I am pleasantly surprised that their appears to be life in the novel yet, and that I do not feel that I have even scraped the surface yet. It would be nice if this brief spell of positivity continues.

The little accidents of invention are definitely worth the effort and the emotional pain of stumbling through this new creative world. Let’s hope I can stay on track tomorrow and keep producing.

In other news I have finally treated myself to a 32″ LCD TV, after 8 years of thinking about it…. yes I am not know for much financial spontaneity… but it is a thing of beauty… ;0) Anyway, the point is that I deserve a reward for an epic day of effort. I am going to watch DRAG ME TO HELL.

I hope, if any of you are reading this,that your own creative endeavours are also going as well.

I would like to thank:

  • the local regional Nanowrimo group for being so chirpy, friendly and positively inspirational in driving me to compete
  • the latest Prodigy album, the random moments of inspirational shuffle-ness of my iTunes collection playing one of my favourite old Stone Temple Pilots songs as a particularly bleak time, and then making me laugh by playing some classic Jay-z moments later.
  • the magic effects of Belgian beer and Vodka and coke, for their ability to make me turn off that inner critical voice and just let things flow from my fingers to the written page.