It’s been really satisfying to finally get COMFORT HIM out there. And also to see how it has been received / which platforms have the best response etc. Here are the stats as of 6th July 5pm….

Please note: The film was pushed live at 1:40Pm yesterday, so this is just over 1 day’s stats (27.5hrs of viewing). Ironically these figures are taken manually, because even though I used Vimeo to push the videos live to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the analytics seemed to break immediately upon pushing it live, as they don’t match up at all e.g. how can you explain 1 view on twitter, or 3 views on ‘unknown’ since then? – I’m wondering if that’s due to having to make edits to the files in those platforms to add things like subtitles in, as they don’t get carried across from Vimeo. And that’s irritating.


  • Vimeo: 30 views
  • Twitter: 2300 views
  • Facebook: 163 views
  • YouTube: 316 views
  • Instagram: 53 views
  • Total: = 3013 views

Considering when I used to make the Vlogs, this one video has totally nailed anything that I released previously, even just in one day on YouTube. So to me, the experiment is working. Producing such short content, although strange for some people, can really work if you just want to try and create something that is bite-size, easy to view and share and easy to rack up multiple views. And it really helps if you have someone with a bigger social media following to help boost the signal. It is a truth of social media content that until something goes viral, you’re only as good as your collective team’s social media reach.

I think the fact that the film is over 1 minute long is hurting the instagram views. That and the fact that it’s widescreen and Instagram still sin’t really designed for that. I may yet try and do an Instagram specific edit of it for the future…. and on Facebook and Twitter you get a higher rate of comments and responses and views. So I’m definitely bearing that in mind for the future.

There were a few initial: “Love it! When can I see it all?” type responses, from people who thought it was a trailer. Usually this is from people who don’t know what a micro short is, and don’t read the release blurb. You will always get that. You will always get constructive feedback along the lines of “You could have done X or Y and made it much longer…” But again, that would have defeated the object, to create something for a 1 minute duration. And would have made it impossible to shoot in the 4hrs we had available to do so. And even if we made it longer, if it is good people may still want more – although the risk of a greater number of incomplete views also becomes likelier.

However, here are some nice soundbites so far:

  • “Short and sweet, scary treat”,
  • “it was a fun short”,
  • “crazy I wasn’t expecting that!”
  • “Wowwww!”
  • “So! Now people will be uneasy around babies like they are around clowns”

Anyway, for now we are very satisfied with the results. It’s a great start. Let’s hope people can like and share it! Because remember: Liking is sharing. Sharing is caring. 😉 – thanks to everyone that has done so!

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