COMFORT HIM 60 is an award winner!

Comfort Him 60 - poster with laurel
Comfort Him 60 – poster with laurel

This week, we found out that the 60 second version of COMFORT HIM, won the ‘Best One Minute Film’ award at SIFF. So not only has the curse of being ignored by Scandinavian Region festivals been broken, but we’ve won here in Sweden. Awesome! So that’s the first award for this version of the film, but 6th award in total. Thank you so much!

The festival is planning to screen the winning films at the live event October 30-31st in Arvika – which will be the Swedish live premiere screening (and an amazing chance for us to see it in person on the big screen). They will also screen the films online around the same time so keep an eye out for details.

A road trip is definitely in order, for the local members of the team to attend in person. It’s just a shame that the rest of the team who live outside Sweden won’t be able to attend. But those who attend will still sing their praises and raise a glass to them.

One thing I have really liked about the festival is the communication. Initially I was reluctant to submit a film like COMFORT HIM to this festival, having many festivals ask us to do so and then later not selecting it (especially like other regional fests over the past year, swamped with submissions due to the pandemic). When judging it up against other shorts, which are designed with a very different experience / pay-off in mind, of course the film comes up short – as it’s a very intense but fast experience. In the past, this has resulted in festivals wrongly comparing it against those other very different films and then it judging it as lacking. Whereas, as a micro film, it really works – but the format is still quite new and many festivals haven’t yet learned about them and taken such ideas on board… But SIFF listened, and actually added a micro film category to their festival. How awesome is that!?! So we very much appreciate such openness and flexibility from a festival. And if you’re a filmmaker, you should check them out too.

There’s more good news on its way. Not related to festivals. But something bigger – subject to contracts etc… but I can’t wait to spill the beans when I know more.

MR CLEAN’s 10th award

We’re very happy to learn that MR CLEAN won the award for Best Horror Film at the 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival in Indonesia. This is great news and means that the project has now picked up 10 awards. It also means that MR CLEAN will get to be screened to a live audience and online, due to Covid restrictions, in Indonesia. Awesome!

The event is from 28th to 30th August, from 1pm – 3pm – in Indonesia and online via this link –

MR CLEAN poster with latest Fest selections and awards
MR CLEAN poster with latest Fest selections and awards

It comes, a few days after the two nominations it picked up two nominations at the SEVERED LIMBS FILM FESTIVAL 6: THROW ANOTHER HEAD ON THE BARBIE!. MR CLEAN was nominated for ‘Best Villain’ – so congrats to Darwin Reina for his portrayal of MR CLEAN – and ‘Best kill / Goriest short’. And it was a lot of fun attending the online festival and enjoying the variety of horror shorts.

One thing is clear, that MR CLEAN still has life in it on the festival circuit, although it is time for me to get this film released. So let me figure out a plan and I will share it soon. For now, congrats to the team of MR CLEAN. 👏👏👏 on 10 awards and 26 festival selections.

IMPRINTs 11th award and COMFORT HIM’s fest latest

IMPRINT – our unproduced dark horror short script picked up its 11th award – for Best Short Horror Script (under 30 pages) – at the Horror Film Awards. That’s huge news! We’re very happy that the script continues to pick up some awards, despite some major A-list festival rejections.

Horror Film Awards - Best Horror Script laurel
Horror Film Awards – Best Horror Script laurel

And despite the films being snubbed by every Scandinavian region festival to date, the 60 second version of COMFORT HIM has been officially selected to the Swedish International Film Festival (SIFF). Double cool! This means that the curse of being ignored by Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish and Estonian fests to date has officially ended. It doesn’t mean they won’t reject again. But it’s huge. Also, as this fest has a live screening planned in October for the winners, you can bet your butt that we’d love to get a chance to be invited to screen COMFORT HIM in front of a live festival audience – which would technically be the Swedish premiere. So fingers cross we win.

There’s more news coming… so watch this space.