COMFORT HIM is a finalist

COMFORT HIM is a finalist at the Cambio International Film Festival
COMFORT HIM is a finalist at the Cambio International Film Festival

It’s been quiet for a while, a few festivals still to go, but we’re very happy that although it didn’t win, COMFORT HIM was a finalist in the Cambio International Film festival. Many thanks!

Notification screen grab from Film Freeway
The notification – screengrab

So that’s 19 selections to date. We’re still waiting on a couple of other festivals that are taking their sweet time with announcing where the film placed. But hopefully there’s some good news soon.

Hopefully soon I can tell you about some other interesting developments…


We just learned today that MR CLEAN is coming out soon on the upcoming Troma release – Grindsploitation 9: Revenge of the Schlock, thanks to Tony Newton and the Troma team.

Here’s the Trailer¬†and if you’re careful you might just see a hint of our short at the 1:55mins mark.


It looks like a crazy fun and mental release. Can’t wait to see it.

Find out more about MR CLEAN – HERE.

For us, we’re so happy to be included in amongst such crazy shorts, and to realise the last part of the dream behind making the film – achieving some distribution. Although that won’t be the last in regards to MR CLEAN, of that I’m sure. But thanks to the cast and crew and everyone who’s supported us in this crazy journey.

As well as appearing on the film will also be appearing on other platforms, including MUBI –