COMFORT HIM selected to 17th Festival

Our micro comedy horror short COMFORT HIM has been selected to its 17th festival, the Vancouver Independent Film Festival and the first one for 2021! Nice. We’re very grateful. We’re also running out of space on the posters.

COMFORT HIM poster with laurels

When we made this little short, it was an experiment. We didn’t know if anyone would select it, let alone if it would win some of the awards it has picked up, especially when we released it before we put it into festivals – which traditionally was a big no-no. But this is great and we’re very happy! Congrats team!

Visit the official page to find out more

Visit the IMDB page to find out more

Watch the film here

The return of Vlog?

Vlog January 6th 2021

I used to do VLOGs. I stopped them when I got too burnt out, and after getting ill. But I have been asked from time to time when I might resume them. I’ve been recently reconsidering whether to resume them and if so in what format?

Luckily, I had the pleasure of enjoy Josh Stifter’s (Flush Studios, GREYWOOD’S PLOT) Xmas video diaries, where he kept everyone informed on YouTube what he was up to over the Christmas period and I liked the no frills, straight to camera video diary approach. So I had a go at it myself, above.

Will I keep this up? who knows? Will it be worth it? Can’t say…. but I will try to post them to:

I will try to keep them brief.

And if people watch them and like them, I might just go and edit that 17 day epic trip to Japan Vlog that still sits on my hard drive….

First festival news in 2021

Happy New Year! Welcome to the pandemic free futureworld!… ok maybe not yet. But soon hopefully? Instead of more lockdowns…

Anyway, at least it’s not all bad – as I just found out firstly that GAS! and MR CLEAN both were given honourable mentions from the Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival for the January 2021 edition of their festival:

  • GAS! – honourable mention – Best original script category
  • MR CLEAN – honourable mention – Best special effects / VFX category

And then this morning, although we’ve not yet been given the laurels, we have seen that MR CLEAN has been officially selection to the Fixion Fest in Santiago Chile This festival will have to be online this year, and will take place festival will take place from 12 to 21 February 2021.

That’s a lovely start to the year. Congrats to the team!