MEIPR – Europa

A new MEIPR track video is released – for ‘Europa – EgalitÈ’ – more ambient Industrial, Synth and cello vibes.

Europa is taken from the Alvaret Tape Rekording release EgalitÈ (ATR010) 2018.

Get EgalitÈ here:


  • Organics – H. Meierkord
  • Electronics – P. Josefsson

Video by EibonFilms – as in me.

Spanish premiere #2 of DFTB and more…

In honour of winning the best narrative award from Indiewise, for the short film: DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE Directed by Darwin Reina), there will be a special celebratory screening, a 2nd premiere if you will, in Barcelona on the 20th December. And we’re very honoured to have this event sponsored by AMC TV, DR TV and especially by the local city council of L’Hospitalet.

My Spanish is bad, so I can’t translate it for your. However, there will be a discussion panel, exploring the themes of the narrative of DFTB, with abuse survivors and a psychologist / expert, discussing the topic before and after the film. The event will be hosted by Tony Rovira (of TONY ROVIRA Y TU fame), there will be bands playing music, and last but certainly not least, we will also be screening SVEN GUNNAR (also directed by Darwin Reina) and MR CLEAN (by yours truly).

Invitation for DFTB premiere #2

Here’s the official Facebook event URL:

I know it’s a bit hard to travel there just to see a short film, or even three short films. But watch this space, because we might be able to arrange a special temporary online preview of the films… but you need to let us know now if you’re interested in that sort of thing… – so tell us in the comments below.. or email us…

But now that I’ve finished my rough colour grading, I’m just waiting on the sound mix and then we’ve got something to show them! And also we’re currently working on the Swedish premiere event in Stockholm also, as well as getting ready to shoot our next film LOVELY TO MEET YOU around the time of the event. So busy, busy, busy…

MEIPR – Sommersonne – EgalitÈ

The week of furious editing to create 6 music videos – background visuals for MEIPR’s gig at Snottys Seaside, in Stockholm, last night was achieved! The night before the gig! And above you can view the first of the series: Sommersonne:

Sommersonne is taken from the Alvaret Tape Rekording release EgalitÈ (ATR010) 2018. It’s a lovely piece of Ambient Industrial music. A great blend of organic and synthetic sounds.

Get EgalitÈ here:

Meipr are:

  • Organics – H. Meierkord
  • Electronics – P. Josefsson

It was a fun challenge to see what I could come up with, after receiving firm instructions / restrictions from the band: “ideally black and white, no people, cars or modern objects… something blurry / out of focus, weird, distorted…blurry, distorted shapes or flashing lights is fine…” – but also, the challenge I set myself, was how to make each one unique, properly reflect the source music and if possible add to the experience…

Somehow, in the process, I decided on taking random pictures of strong organic plant forms and a summer sunset and stumbled upon a way of twisting them into synthetic childlike forms that I’d loved as a child, when looking through toy kaleidoscopes…

You can see Track 3 of their 6-track set here:

The rest of the videos will follow over the next coming weeks.

Hopefully you will enjoy them and you’ll agree, like the crowd who attended the gig seemed to do, that the visuals did indeed add to the experience. Although when some sync issues were encountered, I’m not sure how much it messed with people’s heads at times, rather than added positively. At times it felt like combat, wrestling between the images and the notes. But maybe it was just me who knew each track and visual so well by then?

MEIPR live @ Snottysseaside

It was definitely educational to me, to see the same videos I’d worked on played live, with video projection over the artists and with the volume of the music, it had quite the sensory impact! Definitely worth seeing such a gig live if you get the chance. And it was cool to see the other bands and their unique visuals too. Each unique and complimentary experiences.

An update – what’s g’wan?

Ok… so we didn’t have a premiere on Halloween…. and MR CLEAN isn’t finished yet… but that’s not strictly why….

Off to a great start… ahem….

The week of the premiere, we did have a music score… and we got all of the VFX shots… but then we suddenly didn’t have any venue. Also, we didn’t have any sound mix for MR CLEAN. But we weren’t the only ones.

Re the sound mix – Darwin also didn’t have his sound mix. In fact, our Sound mixer, the one we’re both using for the same film, went AWOL. Please note: when people are donating their time to your project, you must always respect that paid work takes time and comes first. It has to. Either pay people… or be prepared for potential delays. I totally respect that. It was just a shame with the timing.

But the venue was a separate issue. Essentially, we had two potential venues and then suddenly we didn’t have any. And I’m still none the wiser as to why that is. I mean, I’ve asked… but there are no clear reasons as to why both of them were suddenly unavailable to us.

Ignoring that fact, we now have to find a new venue and book it. And we’re no nearer to finding one. It’s just not that easy to do it over here…. we need help – if we want to hold such an event!

Then, when colour grading – I was 2.5 mins in to the film, doing my own grade and we suddenly found a colour grader! Yayy! Then I needed to spend time getting the files ready for them to take over the grading. That meant stripping all colour effects and titles away and re-rendering the project to different settings… however, I still need to finish the grading! As Darwin and I are again sharing the same colour grader and he found them first…. oh and then two of the VFX shots needed to be redone, because of minor imperfections and then the grade needed to be reissued again…

The other strange element, is that we do have a Spanish premiere booked and arranged – more details on that soon. This is a premiere for DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE, to celebrate the award success it’s had. But also SVEN GUNNAR and MR CLEAN will also be screened and a lot more going on that night too…. The only question for that premiere is will everything finally be done by then?… who knows?

But seeing as there is this event going on in Barcelona… why not shoot another film there? right? That’s what Darwin wants to do. And so we collaborated on another script – LOVELY TO MEET YOU. It’s another dark piece. And we’ll be shooting it before the end of the year. We’re currently in pre-production and we have a cast. More details on it soon…

But yeah… barely finish a thing and then you start another thing… and then so why not suddenly do 6 videos for a friend’s band, for their performance tomorrow… lol. Yes I did that too!

But now, I am back on the colour grading train, because you can’t guarantee that we’ll have anything to show in time otherwise, even though I will probably end up binning my own work for that of the professional. But needs must and I’ve got to do what I can do…. all we really need right now is that sound mix… oh and a venue in Stockholm!

So hopefully that explains what’s g’wan and when I have more info I’ll share it soon.

New MEIPR video – Schlangenbisse

Watch the video

Yesterday I released a video for MEIPR, for their song Schlangenbisse, a project that I started back in February I think. Yes I’ve been a bit tardy with this project, but finally finished it. Woohoo! He finishes a thing!

MEIPR consist of H. Meierkord and P. Josefsson. They try to capture the old days of dark ambient as well as a neo classical vibe colliding with the sizzling sounds from modular synthesizers. Essentially lovely, haunting ambient vibes.

‘Schlangenbisse’ is taken from the album: Egalecto (out on Alvaret Tape Rekordings) . And the video features evocative photos by @katkeeper.jpg.

So why did I finish the video only now? What took so long? What’s going on?

After I did the original video for Weich, Peter set me the challenge of taking some pictures from Instagram that he really liked and then animating them to the music in some way…. An easy enough request in some ways. However, there’s one slight problem – the images are instagram sized and therefore smaller resolution and not so easy to animate on a 1080p timeline; well not without extreme pixelly graininess. Something that Peter doesn’t actually mind, but hurts me a little inside ;).

The other problem was that there were only three pictures. So I cheated and used one more to round it out.

All pics by katkeeper.jpg

I kind of got about 2/3rds through it, and like a lot of projects, when you drop it for something else, it stays forgotten – in this case it was MR CLEAN, needing me to take over the editing – and so everything had to get pushed aside. That is until now…. Because MEIPR are doing a gig this weekend, and I promised to do the visuals for their set, for some projection over the band while they play…. and I’ve been lost in MR CLEAN land and head down on colour grading… oops! Better get on with it then!

Cue me hastily resuming editing and finishing it off. And now editing the rest of the footage I’ve been shooting and editing over the last months, as some random project. Like a true autist, I’ve been collecting random abstract textures and things that might look good in Black and White… or might not. It’s all very experimental and fun. But now I’ve got to finish the damn thing! And let’s hope it all looks good on the night!

More on MR CLEAN and the Premiere situation soon… and mention of another project that is now in pre-production….