DFTB wins 1st award!

DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE won it’s first award last night! Darwin was there in person at the Indiewise fest in Las Vegas, to accept the award for best narrative short. Amazing!

It’s such an honour for a script that we co-wrote to be given such an award. And I hope Darwin enjoys the end of fest dinner.

Thanks to the Producers, entire cast and crew for helping make it happen.

SVEN GUNNAR Teaser Trailer is live

SVEN GUNNAR Teaser Trailer is live

The SVEN GUNNAR teaser is live! 

Watch the SVEN GUNNAR teaser trailer!

The SVEN GUNNAR – teaser trailer is now live people! Check it out.

DRTV Productions
3R Films Entertainment Corporation in collaboration with Eibon Films.

SVEN GUNNAR – by Darwin Reina

Sometimes what we must do for love, can kill us. That’s the realization that Tim must come to if he is to stop Sven-Gunnar. Tim, a father and husband, is forced to commit the unspeakable in order to save his family; he must realise that the man holding his family hostage has done this before, if he is to stop them all becoming victims of SVEN- GUNNAR and prevent others falling victim to the same fate.

SVEN GUNNAR teaser frame
Still frame from the teaser


Hasse Brontén … Tim
Darwin Reina … Beachgoer
Johnny Vikeväkorva Johansson … Sven Gunnar
Alicia Mörtsell … Julia
Emma Karadottir … Anja
Isabella Ahlberg … Beachgoer

Produced by
Lee Bailes … producer
Johnny Vikeväkorva Johansson … producer
Darwin Reina … producer
Rubi Rios … executive producer
Julio Moran Suarez … executive producer

Director´s Webside : http://www.darwinreina.com
Official Facebook Fan Page:https://www.facebook.com/SvenGunnarMovie/

DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE selection update

DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE (Dir. Darwin Reina) is still touring the festival circuit.

And the total so far is 11 laurels, as it just made last selection and Semi-Finalist at the Los Angeles CineFest Film Festival in California. Not bad at all! In fact a friend might say it’s “pretty, pretty good.” 😉

DFTB poster
Don’t Forget To Breathe poster

Congrats to Darwin and the entire team. Not a bad start to the weekend. 🙂