Production plan for Open Movie VFX film using Blender

Production plan for Open Movie VFX film using Blender:

This video – Open VFX Movies – has a very interesting take on using Blender (the open source 3D programme) as part of your production workflow for VFX films)

  1. Screenplay (CELTX)
  2. Concept Art (Krita and the GIMP)
  3. Storyboarding (CELTX
  4. Animatic (Video Sequence Editor in Blender) and Crappymatic (Animation with animated characters)
  5. Shooting (prepare props, casting, recce locations etc) – Used Blender to plan design of the sets
  6. Prepare footage
  7. Tracking
  8. Masking
  9. Layout
  10. Animation
  11. Compositing
  12. Grading

Check out Blender here.

Motivation from an unlikely source – that works for me

This is how I need to approach my writing / any meaningful endeavour (making a note of it mainly for myself):
(The text below is ‘borrowed’ and changed from the original source – written by Elliott Hulse )
“When you study other successful people, and identify a single activity that you’ve realized supports them in their success… that you think could work for you…. …begin applying that single activity to your life, LIKE A MACHINE!
… You will want to make this single activity into a “Keystone Habit”.
A keystone habit is something that you do automatically, every single day, that leads you inch by inch to success.
It is not some BIG magical undertaking. Every-single-day!  Without fail… just do it.
Because by practicing this simple keystone habit every single day you are also strengthening the virtue of DISCIPLINE.
Discipline is a tool, that once strengthened, you can use to attack the next, perhaps bigger, goal.
Identify a SINGLE keystone habit. Then work like a machine on that habit to build discipline.”
I do have a wide variety of interests and I love it when I can see parallels between a piece about losing weight / forcing yourself into a more disciplined workout regime and trying to teach myself discipline in my writing or other self improvement goals.
My keystone habit at the moment is writing without fail every morning and every evening – on the way to and from work. At least 45 minutes a day in total – even on days when work threatens to bleed over into my evening time.  It is the bare minimum I ask of myself and often inspires me to want to do more.
Thank you Elliott for your motivation and insightful words. They are relevant – beyond fitness alone.