Daily writing practice

Things I am going to attempt to do each day, to get back into my groove:

1. Brainstorm each day – (gather potential topics for future exploration, especially at the end to fuel my next session – reviewing them at the start of my next, if not already motivated by an idea or scene)….
2. Write every morning before work, on the train and after work – as a minimum part of my routine
3. Make friends with my Inner critic – ask his permission to make mistakes and convince him to back off a bit 😉
4. Multi-task to keep me engaged, but only when encountering a creative roadblock
5. Write about the ordinary, my life, a journal, if it helps to put the time in and open that dialogue
6. Force myself to have new experiences – to help overcome roadblocks – new writing places? E.g. Lunch writing in different spots
7. Try visual collages – to capture an experience if I can’t find the words. Page through art /photography books for inspiration.
8. Create musical soundscapes that are evocative of the world or emotion I’m creating.
9. Visit a new place, walking, a museum, gig, listen to conversations, allow myself to watch and observe.
10. Nap, meditate, pray… to the old ones 😉