Adobe Production suite incorporates STORY into its workflow

CS5 Production premium box art

Adobe have finally released STORY – a collaborative tool for writing scripts and screenplays that is part of the new CS Live online services.

Check out the promotional video, that explains how STORY fully integrates into the entire production process, but beware the annoying NVidea Advert that you can’t opt out of: – I suggest you turn the sound down immediately and then put it on when the product tour starts; but then I hate advertising.

Check out the production workflow (PDF) info HERE.

I covered Adobe STORY in a previous post – HERE.

It’s an exciting time for low budget film production – and by that I mean in classic film production classification parlance as those productions with a 2ok to 20m budget, as such tools are usually out of the budgets of private individuals such as you and I; especially when I barely pay the mortgage, let alone have the funds to spunk 2k on software on a whim – as such production workflows, with the correct application of planning and knowledge enable low budget productions to efficiently plan and produce a holistic and consistent offering; right up to the point when you sell the rights to your film and deliver the music and effects version for subtitling, complete with a full transcript of the finished edit, which is already timestamped to the edit. Nice.


Funnily enough, while lazily going through all of my RSS feeds and catching up on neglected blog articles, I found out that I’m already subscribed to one blog that is linked with THE COLLECTOR: “THE INSIDE PITCH – A Hollywood executive discusses screenwriting.” – Written by Christopher Lockhart. It seems that Christopher, besides writing an excellent blog on the Screenwriting industry, from the inside, also produced THE COLLECTOR, which was originally known as the MIDNIGHT MAN. Read how the project came together here:

“a small story that demonstrates one way a project comes together, and the arduous process it takes to launch a career and prove your worth in such a competitive industry.”

That’ll teach me to not keep up on my RSS feeds. ;0)

Breaking in – The COLLECTOR

SAW 3, 4 and 5 creators have a new film coming out – THE COLLECTOR – which looks amazing. And well worth a view, in an otherwise Horror bereft cinema schedule.

Collector poster

Check out the clip on the HORROR CHANNEL. Or go to the official website and watch the atmospheric trailer.

“For handyman and ex-con, Arkin, a quiet home and a family on vacation is an “opportunity”. For inside the house lies a jeweler’s safe, and inside the safe is a rare gem – his only hope for repaying his ex-wife’s debt and keeping what’s left of his family intact. Unfortunately for Arkin, inside the house is also a box containing the latest specimen in a collection catalogued in blood, bone and tears – a human specimen packaged as “bait”. While the trap may have already sprung shut on parents Michael and Victoria – cutting short their vacation before it could even begin – the jaws have yet to close on teenage daughter Jill and eight-year old Hannah. As the seconds tick down to midnight, Arkin becomes a reluctant hero trapped by a masked “Collector” in a maze of lethal invention – the Spanish Inquisition as imagined by Rube Goldberg – while trying to rescue the very family he came to rob.”

But, more importantly – SAW creator Darren Lynn Bousman – continues his excellent Blog posts on ‘breaking in’ to the business here:



– I know I know. A tenuous link between the two. But one is educational and the other is entertaining. And there is a bit of a link…. enjoy. ;0)

Wreck a movie

I am considering using WRECKAMOVIE.COM , the collaborative film website to promote and produce our next project.In their own words, Wreckamovie is:

“a new way of creating film brought about by the power of the Internet to connect people and spread information.”

Obviously the model is attractive. Especially if you require many digital elements for a film, or those such as a music score than can be produced by a co-located team. Even better if they are donating their time and effort, for passion for the project and a chance to get legitimate production credits. Could it work for this film??? – what film you ask? – patience… all in good time.

I’d first heard of it when IRON SKY was first announced on the scene. And eagerly followed their progress on Youtube.

Check out the intro movie:

I need to conduct more research. Anyone who reads this blog used the site? Contributed etc? Interested? – if so let me know.