We’re Back!

The domain was lost and the website was down, but we’re back! Bear with us and the site will be returned to the old look-and-feel!

RED Epic – new Camera

RED announced the release of their new camera – the “Epic” – a modular solution, to enable portability and infinite configuration and upgrading.

Red Epic Camera

With a 5K sensor, 5k resolution at 120fps, you have much more visual information to play with, than HD, with a view to going from Digital to Cinema and exploring full quality slow mo shots. It’s 3D ready and can enable the use of hot swappable batteries.

With that kind of quality you know it is not going to be cheap. But already people are clamouring to reserve theirs now. The last Red cameras were a hot item for small film companies to buy, with a view to hiring them out – to pay for them in down time between shoots. So as a low budget filmmaker, it might be advisable to have a play with one, learn how to use it – but rent it from someone with deeper pockets when you need it for a shoot; rather than buy it.

Check out the Spec sheet – or watch the video:

Post Live @NAB With RED from David Basulto on Vimeo.

All I can say is that I want to see the results that can be achieved with this camera and befriend someone who can let me have a play. Imagine the films you could make with a piece of kit like this. **Drools** ;0)

Script Frenzy is over – 101 pages in 28 days

Hi folks! I’m back! I survived Script Frenzy! It’s been a crazy month, but I am very much still around.

Plot view

Yes, I’ve been bad and haven’t updated much lately. However there is a good reason for it, besides dealing with the death of a friend and trying to get through Script Frenzy.

I have been in the process of swapping hosting companies and converting from a vanilla version of WordPress to a brand new version that enables me to actually add video and imagery much more easily than before. So expect me to keep changing the look-and-feel for a while yet, so that I can play and happily settle on a newer and more visually interesting theme. So please be patient, but it’s all in aid of making this webspace a much more valuable place to spend some quality time. ;0)

I guess what you really want to hear about is my first experience of Script Frenzy though, right?

It didn’t started off well, as you already know:

  • First I was so busy at work, that I didn’t start until I was 2 days behind.
  • Then I dove straight into it and loved every minute of writing what soon turned out to be a huge waste of time – as without a firm plot I was just writing scenes that did nothing to push my narrative forward. So I had to bin around 45 pages of very enjoyable but totally useless material.
  • This was rectified when I actually spent a very tough weekend conjuring up a plot; in between smashing my head repeatedly into a desk to force it to bend to my will.
  • Then I had a period where I had to overcome supreme tiredness each weekend, to get my head in gear to write, but also had to find time for work, during those same periods; due to tough deadlines. Times when anything but writing seemed like a hugely entertaining pursuit; such as mowing the lawn and doing some manly DIY; sorting through my accounts and papers, in order to file 2 years worth of documents etc – tasks one would normally avoid like the plague.
  • It didn’t make it any easier to read about people who obviously had no really commitments or jobs who had already completed their 100 pages in 10 days! B*st@rd$! Although secretly I hoped that these were terrible scripts and not of the calibre that I was attempting. ;0)
  • When I got to page 60, I realised that the film wasn’t balanced in the way it should be and it was tempting to give up and just tackle it at the normal pace that a piece of quality work should be created. However, the real challenge is to ignore that critical voice and plough on regardless, if you want to get into the true spirit of Script Frenzy. And that is just what I did; despite misgivings that it would all be fruitless when I came to rewrite it. Vodka helped.
  • Then I found out that an old friend had died. Death always throws the petty daily concerns of our everyday lives into sharp focus and this time was no exception. It was hard to keep up with this when you’re really not in the mood. But at least you have that chance, right? So why abuse it. He never got the same chance.
  • Work got crazier, and I descended into some weird key tapping frenzy as a result; getting up even earlier and working even later in a bid to keep up with it.
  • But the important thing is that on the 28th day, after a month of bashing away at the keys of my trusty Hacbook in my morning and afternoon commute, and working only entirely within Scrivener, I typed the words “FADE OUT:”, and I uploaded 101 pages of my comedy horror script for verification and that glorious winner badge appeared. It was an emotional moment, only I was so damn weary that I was unable to muster the energy to share it with anyone, save for a measly tweet. I poured myself a drink and quietly mulled over the time when I will dust off that 1st shonky draft and go through the pain of reading it; with an aim to rewriting it.

However, having said that – it won’t be any time soon, as my next mission is to get back on the film production train. Yes people, Eibon Films will have some exciting news for you soon – well exciting to me anyway – so please visit us again soon!