Script Frenzy continues

It’s day 11 and I am 1.5 pages behind schedule for Script Frenzy at 33.5 pages – but with things the way they are at the moment it is no surprise.

It’s weird because I’ve been through so much in such a short space of time. I actually went from 6 pages to 27 in a matter of 4 days; simply rising above the normal mortal deadline. And then I stalled; firstly, when I realised that I had major plot issues – as in not having a whole plot worked out on paper – and secondly when I got bogged down in a difficult scene and then received a weird hand injury.


2nd day of Script Frenzy – already behind

Work definitely got in the way…. I started a month ago doing some rough prep for Script Frenzy, but my work commitments ended up getting in the way of continuing that prep.

So CUT TO Script Frenzy starting on April 1st, me being unable to sleep or concentrate, having to start work early and then going to a colleagues leaving drinks afterwards; all the while I was conscious of my lack of preparation and actual writing. It preyed on my psyche. I still don’t know all of the plot elements! Yet I was forced to begin in anger this afternoon.

I’ve managed 6 pages. As I am supposed to managed 3.3 pages a day, I am 0.6 pages behind. But I am glad that I’ve finally started. And here is a little snippet, nothing impressive and it’s certainly not been edited or proofed… but here it is anyway: