THE CRAZIES is reborn

The new trailer on Yahoo Movies of the remake of George Romero’s THE CRAZIES. new poster

Normally when faced with such a remake I would simply ask “Why?” This time I don’t need to. I already know why. Hollywood has run out of ideas and needs to find a new corpse to flog.

At least this time they have picked a film that is in need of a remake.

original Romero poster

The original is good. I even have it in my collection. But it is not great.  There was always something lacking as part of the film experience. It has a brilliant core concept. As a piece of propaganda is has a powerful message. And yet it lacks that thing that makes me want to watch it again any time soon.

The trailer for the new version clearly has the missing horror watch-me-again element; the scares, the atmosphere etc. The question is, have they managed to retain the other elements and not f it up??? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Dexter Series 4 FAIL!

DEXTER SERIES 4 – the plot twist in the finale – is an epic FAIL! It does’t work and is so flawed with logic holes. It just feels shoehorned onto the end and totally ruins the otherwise perfect denouement. I won’t debate it here, in case people haven’t yet seen it. But right now I am livid! Grrrr!

It is such a shame, as the rest of the series was actually quite strong…. and it appears that I am not alone – although no one has obviously stated the central flaw in the fairytale ending.

Okay.. if you want to read it…. then READ MORE below… (more…)

110 days and counting…

Have you signed up for Script Frenzy?

Yes that’s right, I’ve barely finished Nanowrimo and now I have signed up for Script Frenzy and I am considering attempting writing 100 pages in 30 days. I already have three scripts competing for my loving attention during that month; jostling for first place.

I must be mad! I know I’m not drunk… not yet anyway, but I am working on it. ;0)