WD TV – a whole new world

WD TV media playerI am loving my early Christmas present from the missus – a Western Digital TV HD 1080P Media Player.

If you, like me, are an avid film fan and prefer the illusion of a minimalist lifestyle (that is, hiding the sheer volume of things that you own, by turning your DVDs into ripped versions that you keep on external storage – and thus freeing up your shelf space) this gadget may very well be the perfect device for you.

There’s nothing better than being able to visually browse your entire media collection from your own couch, via the handy remote, rather than standing around in front of your shelves for hours working out what to watch… as I do. Yes I know, I’m sadder than a sad thing on a moody day… but I often while away the time thinking about what to watch, when I get a free moment, rather than actually watching it!


52k and still going

Winner's badge Yes, for me Nanowrimo should be over. After all, I completed the 50k challenge days ago. However, despite [insane] work demands I have managed to knock out 2,000 words more. The only problem is that I still have a few words (2.5k at least) to knock out before I can consider this rough and ropey 1st draft complete.

Apparently you get a free voucher for a proof copy on Create Space as part of the deal. So even if I don’t share my dodgy novel, I will have a physical reminder of my effort; a manifestation of my blood sweat and tears.

50k today! Wahey!!!!

I have hit 50K a week early! Nanowrimo is not over, although I have already completed the challenge. I still have to finish my novel, but the pressure is off to compete with others on getting to the magic marker. I am only competing against myself now! and I have one and a half chapters left to write.

Not bad for someone who had failed to even start the actual challenge, the last two years running, due to work getting in the way. It just goes to show what can be achieved if you plan properly and stick with it. Something that I am not always know for, when it comes to writing.

Of course the real issue is will it be worth reading? ;0)

Unfortunately I am back at work tomorrow, so my daily word count will be considerably reduced. Ah well….

45k – so close I can feel it

Yes, I just hit 45,064 words for Nanowrimo! I am so close to the 50k mark I can really taste it. I was tempted to just see if I could go all night, but I haven’t slept properly in the last three days and I am shattered now, without doing an all-nighter and really messing myself up.

Sexy killer posterLast night I watched SEXY KILLER – (View the Trailer) a bonkers Spanish serial killer zombie flick; about a girl looking for the perfect plastic surgeon boyfriend at a medical university and eventually settles for the new assistant coroner who autopsies her victims and invents the device that accidentally reanimates the dead. The film begins with a promising college shower scene spoof of SCREAM, complete with bare nubile flesh and the mask wearing killer – and then turns the tables, in a completely obvious and disappointingly implausible costume twist. Luckily the deaths and characters are reasonably inventive enough to keep you watching; and there was genuine chemistry between the lead actors and style in the execution (pun intended).