I’ll Do More Than Bury You Tomorrow!

I received a very strange email the other day from an old friend – US Indie Horror Filmmaker Alan Rowe Kelly (I’LL BURY YOU TOMORROW) sent me this email:

Subject: Good God – READ THIS NOW!!!!!




– the news that every filmmaker fears… that life has imitated art – or rather that some eejit has decided that instead of rustling up a brain cell to work out that the film is fantasy and that it portrays acts that are morally wrong, he’s decided to have a go at it himself. In this case a spot of extra curricular grave digging in the name of loving the dead, as inspired by Alan’s film I’LL BURY YOU TOMORROW.

Ironic though that rather than be as horrified as Alan was that his film had inspired such an act of deviance, that my first thoughts were how the two brothers, and their friend, sound like a couple of retards who probably couldn’t even be bothered to try and recreate further scenes by much more accomplished films such as NEKROMANTIC and BUIO OMEGA. So who is more morally culpable here? ;0)

THE STRAIN – Del Toro’s Vampire Novel Trilogy

Guillermo Del Toro

Check out the following video interview:

Guillermo Del Toro speaks to Mark Kermode

In this exclusive web-only interview, the visionary director behind Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy, Guillermo del Toro, talks to Mark Kermode about the first of his trilogy of vampire novels, The Strain co-created with Chuck Hogan.

There are 3 days left to watch this 6 minute clip – before the link expires!

Del Toro says of his creations “These guys are nasty, brutal and as romantic as colon cancer!” when comparisons to TWILIGHT and TRUE BLOOD are touted. The style is described as “Vampires meets CSI” as the show is influenced by his viewing of THE WIRE.

Script submission resource – Hollywood Script Express

For when you don’t live in Hollywood but really need to get a printed script to someone: Hollywood Script Express

Hollywood Script Express is a premium Screenplay Printing & Shipping service that makes sending your script to agents, managers & contests simple, especially for Overseas and Out-of-State Screenwriters.

The Website claims – “Upload Script – Print and Bind – Ship Same Day” – sounds good to me!

“Hollywood Script Express provides all the services you need to get your professionally presented screenplay into the right hands and onto the top of the script pile. We take your script file, print, bind and ship it without you leaving your desk. We can even register the intellectual property rights at the same time providing you with peace of mind while you market your script.”

If interested – Click HERE to register.

I don’t need it now. But I can’t wait to use. If you have a go – please let me know how you found the service!