Colour correction – film looks

Rich at AE Portal News posted a great vidcast by Stu Maschwitz (Author of DV REBEL’S TOOLKIT now Creative Director at Red Giant), showing how you can achieve the same film looks of current blockbuster movies (TERMINATOR 4, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123 remake etc) by using Magic Bullet Looks and Colorista in After Effects CS4. Check out the vid here:

Within the video there is also mention of this new tool from Adobe called KULER –  where you can explore, create and share clour themes. A perfect tool for all your colour grading needs!

Into the Blender

 I am learning more about BLENDER – a powerful open source 3D program. The more I learn about this program the more I like it. It’s just a pity the interface has such a steep learning curve, beyond other more well known [and very expensive] programs. But don’t be deterred if you are thinking of learning it! There are masses of YouTube vids, websites and communities devoted to sharing the wealth of knowledge; as well as the excellent books and DVDs that you can buy to help fund more development of the tool, see what can be achieved with it and use the free source files to have a go yourself.

Check out the projects that have been created using Blender: