Roseblood – location request

Please please please – pass word on about this request!

Hello one and all!

This is Chris Broadstone, and I’m trying to put together a new short film called ROSEBLOOD.  Please check out the RB Podcast at:

(Let me preface this email inquiry with: You need not respond unless you know of a location in Southern California or Texas [preferably Dallas, maybe Houston])

Currently, I’m seeking a controllable location for next to nothing –– a donation to the art and sheer love of horror would be wonderful.  There is practically NO budget.  At any rate, let me briefly outline what we need to make this flick:

1. A living room with visible foyer.  A separate kitchen.  Minimal set dressing would be required.  No drilling holes in walls or anything like that.  This would be a one-day shoot.  With maybe a little prep (set dressing, equipment setup) the day before.

2. A staircase of a two-story home.  Several holes would have to be drilled.  However, trick or faux walls could be constructed to avoid any damage to said stairwell.  This stairwell does NOT have to be the same location as the previously mentioned location.  This would also be a one-day shoot.  With a MOST DEFINITE prep (set dressing, equipment setup) the day before.

3. We need a large storage space, garage, or loft (at least 20×30 feet) that could be taken over (rented for next to nothing) for up to two months.  A set would be built in this location and, thus, electricity would be required and nearby facilities that would allow for the flow of urine and solid waste material that tends to insist on evacuation from the human body at regular (and sometimes unexpected) intervals.

4. All of the above could be a rundown/condemned/abandoned home.  A unique fixer-upper that could be used and abused by Black Cab Productions and no one would care in the least.

So, those are all the basics.  If anyone is willing to offer up such locations, knows of such locations, knows of a lead to such locations, has a friend who might have access to such locations, or who knows a friend of a friend who might have such access/knowledge in regard to such locations, PLEASE let me know.

Any help is appreciated.  And please feel free to forward this proposal to anyone living on the planet Earth and/or in any neighboring solar systems.  Thanks!


Again, please please please pass this on!


I’ve been busy busy lately folks, but I am still very much around. Obviously most of my time is going into Producing ROSEBLOOD and producing the ROSEBLOOD PODCAST. But in my spare time I am still finding time to watch a few movies.

I’ve not only seen a few good movies, such as GRAN TORINO and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, I’ve also found the time to enjoy some really bad ones too! lol

A good friend of mind, who knows I love to watch very bad movies occasionally, bought me a box set of 10 very bad movies from the Ultimate Cult Movie Collection.

The excitingly named RAIDERS OF THE LIVING DEAD is brought to you by the dubious ‘talent’ behind SATAN’S SADISTS and DRIVE-IN MADNESS! Samuel M Sherman, brings you this deceptive 80s snooze-fest tale of a journalist running afoul of zombie slaves and a precocious teen with a home made laser gun saving the day.