World Horror Convention 2010 – Brighton

A reason for all you Horror fans to come to Brighton in 2010:

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary, The World Horror Convention will be held over March 25-28, 2010, in the historic Regency seaside city of Brighton, on the picturesque south coast of England. This is the first time that the event will have been held off the North American continent.

The theme is “Brighton Shock!—A Celebration of the European Horror Tradition from Victorian Times to the Present Day”, and the convention will host numerous panels, talks, presentations, readings, workshops and displays devoted to horror, macabre, mystery and thriller fiction and art in all its varied and fearsome forms.

That first page – How to combat script readers with ADD

Hal Croassum ( has written a brilliant and thought-provoking article that potentially explodes the old myth than you need to grab the Script Readers attention in your first ten or twenty pages. After conversations with many producers he believes that it is the very first page which is key!

Read the article

The article contains some great writing examples too.

Now cue me dusting off my scripts and re-analysing every first page! Yikes!

A new lease of life – AccidEEEntal

I have customised my EEE PC – now that I am back into the daily commute routine; and able to fully utilise my EEE when I am on the move:

Carpet not included. Should raise a few eyebrows on the train! Well it truly reflects the twisted scripts I might be working on at the time… ;0)

“Accident” designer skin – courtesy of DecalGirl

In other news the ‘talent’ is definitely interested in participating in my next Podcast idea. And an old friend could be very influential in pitching a Video Podcast idea. Also a chance networking event could be very fortuitous for the production of ROSEBLOOD.

Sorry if this is all very cryptic, but I will reveal more as and when it becomes somewhat official – and stop messing around with prettying up my geek toys….

Right, must get back to finishing the latest ROSEBLOOD PODCAST episode – I am already two episodes behind what we have recorded! – The  script is definitely 2/3rds complete! I know because I’ve read it. Fans of Chris’s work will definitely enjoy this latest work if we ever get the darn thing made.