Still hereā€¦ and news about THE GATES!

Sorry I’ve not been around much. I’ve been busy beavering away in a temporary position working for a company, processing video screeners, that end up in screening kiosk systems for TV distributors and sales agents to show their wares at Cannes. The craziness is now over. And my career will take on a whole new phase in two days. Otherwise I have been busy editing more of the ROSEBLOOD PODCAST episodes, have come up with an idea for a whole new show which may or may not come off; more about that soon! And up to some other stuff which I can’t dilvuge just yet. But it’s all good folks.

What I really want to tell you about is the potential new book from, my favourite living author, John Conolly! Author of the amazing Charlie Parker P.I. novels and the excellent Adult fairy tale THE BOOK OF LOST THINGS. According to John’s latest blog post he has been covertly working on a new book; an unexpected book which is more of an adult children’s fairy tale:

“So THE GATES is a book that combines quantum physics and, well, Satanism, I suppose. It’s littered with odd little footnotes, and the occasional drawing. Some of the footnotes are just little nuggets of information about the universe, while others contain pieces of advice, or short essays on, say, the word “the” as it relates to historical figures. Mostly, they’re funny, although I hope that they’re kind of curious and interesting as well. The kids who’ve read it have really loved it but, thankfully, so too have the adults. If THE BOOK OF LOST THINGS was a children’s book for adults, then THE GATES is, in a way, an adult book for children. It will probably appear everywhere in time for Halloween. “

And I tell you folks, I can’t wait. I have many books to read, but his books always get pushed to the front of the pile.


Sorry folks, been busy of late – upskilling myself for my new job, learning Adobe Premiere CS4 and editing the ROSEBLOOD PODCAST has eaten away all of my spare time – but I am still beavering away on creative projects. I have an evaluation copy of the new FINAL DRAFT V7 software and so far I like it, apart from the fact that one particular bug causes the software to leap around throughout my script and transporting me to random pages! Luckily the new split panel view of Index Cards side by side with your script allows you to find your way back easily. I am also checking out the new version of CELTX (V2.0) to see if it is worth it; as they are soon going to be asking for money for using it!

So why am I checking out these writing packages? Well I am sick of not doing any work on my own projects, so I have dusted off my zombie feature script (MUTAGENE) again and am preparing that for a much needed rewrite; and I have started work on a new short script, roughly entitled THE HANGED MAN.

So still here. Grooving away to some background tunes, as I peck away at the keys. Hope all your projects are going well!