Colour QP cardI notice in my latest read that some indie filmmaking crews and video podcast production teams are using something called QP CARDs. Which are available in Grey Scale as well as Colour variations to help people colour balance all of their shots / pictures before further image processing begins in Post.

Richard Harrington mentions in Producing Video Podcasts that some people actually tape them to their clapper boards to mark the beginning and ends of shots and I think this is a great idea!  It will certainly make post production easier if I can bath process shots and match them accurately.

I actually use Warm Cards when I want to achieve a more creative look or add a certain off White Balance in a shoot, and can definitely recommend them, but when I want true colour I think QP CARD will be the way to go.

Scripped – Free Screenwriting Software

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Scripped understands there are a lot of aspiring writers out there who need intuitive, functional solutions to keep their craft moving forward. With Scripped Writer, you get everything you need to write a professional, industry standard script without all the clutter of a production-minded authoring software.”

Character continuity – the problem with long running TV shows and film sequels

I am just watching OMEN III for the first time in years and it struck me that Damien was set up in the first film as driving all animals mad with his evil presence – with the zoo animals going ballistic, when he is nearby, as if they just can’t bear him to be around them – and yet here he is, as an adult, riding in a hunt, with both pack dogs and horses not even batting an eyelid. In fact he is now able to control them to come to his aid in defence. It just doesn’t make sense. Not at least unless you make reference to him being able to cloak his evil presence, or to be able to use his power to bewitch animals now. Perhaps a small scene of him quieting the horse he was about to ride, might have indicated this newly developed aspect of his powers… (Something that was not rectified until the abortive OMEN IV with the stare down of a horse).

Things like this – the logic holes in characterisation always wind me up. (more…)

Happy Birthday King of the Zombs!

George Romero was 69 yesterday! George Romero

Romero – the man behind the amazing Living Dead Quadrilogy (Well, great trilogy and passable fourth entry) and the amazing MARTIN, THE CRAZIES and some slightly lesser flicks… is still going strong and let’s hope I get to have even a tiny slice of the success that this genre God has had.

I’m raising a glass to you now and watching your films tonight in celebration! – as I completely missed it yesterday. ;0)