Published – The Girl with White Hair

Drops of Crimson just published my short story THE GIRL WITH WHITE HAIR. Please go and check it out and let me know what you think.

I had a hard time shaving of 1,500 words from it to make it fit, but like to think it still retains enough of the central core to make it a worthwhile and enjoyable read. Pity they didn’t retain all of my formatting, italics on the dream sequences and indenting etc. But I guess beggars can’t be choosers….

It’s a vampire tale, set in the London Goth club scene and features two characters who appear in my first feature script entitled LAST NITE IN SODOM; a script I still have to rework in order to enter competitions later this year. It was my first experiment with a stream of consciousness type of fiction.

The Levelator – amazing free audio tool!

I have just watched a very useful podcast – the latest episode from where Derek Miller shows how he records his wife’s podcast. He shows the complete audio podcast production workflow and recording/studio set up and more importantly demos a tool I had not come across before:

The Levelator interface


Derek uses this before he puts his Aiff / Wav sound files into GarageBand and I think I will now be using it too. (more…)

Microsoft / Zune FAIL

I don’t know if you’re aware that Microsoft have released a rival to Apple’s iTunes, but they have and they’ve called it Zune. Sounds a bit like ‘tune’ doesn’t it? Funny that. I mean Microsoft don’t rip people off do they? Like releasing Vista with ‘Widgets’… when Apple already had ‘Gadgets’. And Leopard OSX has ‘Spotlight’ and Vista has… ‘Enhance Searching’…. yeah not as snappy or as functional. The point is that they tend to follow, rather than lead with direct innovation – either that or they’re not as quick off the mark. They’re certainly not as successful in the implementation of such innovations.