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Mariner Software launches free WritersPub for writers 

(Thanks to Peter Cohen Macworld.com)

Mariner Software announced the launch of WritersPub.com, a free web site for writers of all standards, enabling them to interact with each other. Users can upload stories and other written works, create groups and write reviews.

The site utilies a point-based reward system — the more you review others’ work, post comments and contribute to the site, the more points you earn. When you earn enough, you can post your own stories for review.

The site features a forum, the ability to view members online at the same time, friend invitation, browse by author or genre and more.

Mariner Software’s stable of products include several aimed at writers, including Mariner Write, MacJournal, Montage and StoryMill.

Of networking and rediscovering your inventory

I love Linked In. As a social media site it is unlike Facebook and Friends Reunited or any ordinary blogging tool in that it actually serves a purpose. As an aspiring professional you get the perfect opportunity to market your wares and network with your peers and its totally free.

As a result of joining a few excellent screenwriting groups I am able to seek advice from my peers, improve the number and quality of my industry contacts and also respond to notices of screenwriting competitions or producers looking for specific material. One such producer was looking for short horror scripts and was keen to check out some of my work. This gave me the perfect opportunity to rediscover my inventory (my previous works) and tart them up for show. During this process I not only stumbled across old scripts that I had forgotten I had even written, but I was also pleasantly surprised by the quality of the writing and the ideas contained therein.

The next thing I knew I had lost an entire day, reworking 6 of these old scripts and I now don’t actually care whether this stranger even likes them! It was enough to get back into my writing and feel only the good voices channelling through me during the creative process.

All this from a simple networking tool! If you haven’t already – check out Linked In. You might just find some specialist communities that will help inspire your chosen career.


Dreams on Spec Cover

Watch Screenwriting Doc for free!

Watch DREAMS ON SPEC for free – http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/dreams_on_spec/ (Although only US web users can get the benefit, sadly!)

Thanks to the excellent Edit Blog for the heads up!

DREAMS ON SPEC takes an intimate look at how far people will go – and how much they will sacrifice – for the chance to pursue their dreams. This feature-length documentary delves into the lives of three aspiring Hollywood screenwriters as they pour their hearts into their spec scripts, pitch their ideas to anyone who will listen, go to meetings, hold table reads, and work at low-level day-jobs in the hopes of one day seeing one of their beloved creations made into a movie.

The film is 86 minutes and the DVD is available on Amazon too.


Check out CINERGY SCRIPT EDITOR! – Why? because it’s free! Yep you heard me! Absolutely free!

Mindstar Productions have released this fully functional application program (i.e. no limited trial times and no script length or scene count limits). Why are they doing this?  Because they believe so strongly that the Cinergy Script Editor (CSE) compliments their production management tools that they have decided to make it available to the entertainment community free of charge.  The editor can be installed as standalone script editing program, or you can access it from within the main Cinergy production management system.

System Requirements:
Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP, 233 MHz Pentium or higher, 10-30MB of available hard disk space, Internet access for online updates. Minimum system RAM: 32MB
Macintosh G3, G4 or G5 with Virtual PC.
Pure Macintosh Version (not yet released) will require OS X

The ROSEBLOOD podcast

Roseblood podcast image

I have been busy over the New Year period, which is why I haven’t posted much of late. I have been busy beavering away on my first ever podcast – “ROSEBLOOD – Conversations in filmmaking“!

I think it was 3 years ago when I last worked with award winning horror filmmaker Christopher Alan Broadstone of Black CAB Productions on their 3rd short film HUMAN NO MORE (available as part of the 3 DEAD GIRLS DVD anthology) – that is if you forget me flying back out to LA 2 years ago to help finalise the 3 DEAD GIRLS DVD extras; as I had shot all the behind the scenes / making of footage for that DVD release.

I had so much fun out there that I jumped at the chance when Chris offered to bring me on board as Producer on his 4th short film. ROSEBLOOD will be his most ambitious film yet, and I for one can’t wait to be involved.