4 simple little pages…. the treatment

I have been reworking an old script – MUTAGENE – a zombie horror feature, a script originally penned as a possible first feature shoot over 8 years ago. Initially I was just polishing off the formatting and tightening the descriptions etc as per the new Script Formatting guidelines and then with horror I realised that the previous rewrite was incomplete and that I had somehow mislaid at least 20 pages of script! This was due to previous work related drama when the company I worked for went under and I was forced to direct all my energies to securing a new job and I must have just forgotten that any partial work had been carried out….

But rather than it being a case of panic and self-recrimination, and go back to an earlier draft, it has actually made me re-evaluate the existing plot and tackle the structure using a new technique. (more…)

Testing, testing… is this thing on?

Greetings fellow earthlings and creatures of the outer realms!

We’ve finally decided to do something with this thing we call Eibon Films and join the world of the blog.  Why the delay? We have no excuses – otherwise we would soon erode what little trust you may have in our talents and abilities if we try and cover up our inadequacies. ‘To err is human’ and all that.

We may not be updating this blog much with news of our own projects just yet, but we will be making notes of various tools and articles relevant to the world of DIY filmmaking and anything else that we think might be of use to you lovely humanoids lurking in cyberspace!

Currently reworking an old feature film script – MUTAGENE – details TBA

Camera pron – Panasonic HDC-SD100

When I do get some spare cash, I want this cam for home use:

Panasonic-hdc-sd100 review

Panasonic website product info

Panasonic seem to have done some proper research and actually brought out a camera with useful features that many other HD cam manufacturers removed:

1. like Microphone inputs so you don’t have to use the crappy camera mic
2. ability to charge batteries independently of the camera, so you can use one and charge a replacement
3. a lens ring!
4. a viewfinder – as anyone will know when trying to use an LCD screen in sunlight you can’t see anything, and they is no faster way to run down your battery by using the LCD – viewfinders rule!
5. the ability to attach proper filters and lens attachments
6. hot shoe attachment for lights or microphone mounting

The only downside is it’s crappy low light capability, not good for spooky horror shoots or in clubs etc – if it was 3CCD instead of 3MOS, we’d be laughing.

I can’t afford the £2.5K HVX-2000…. so this will do, once I have sold my old DV cams.

World Wide Dead – doc, polarising the interwebz

I saw the documentary on BBC3 “Bryony makes a zombie movie” last night on WORLD WIDE DEAD – a zombie film made by people collaborating on the internet, and all to be completed within an incredibly ambitious time frame. And this film surprised me by winding me up in a very uncharacteristic way – filling me with negativity. Even now when I think of it I have to take a deep breath. Someone ‘playing’ at making a genre movie and flippantly exploiting something so precious to me…..


Charlie Brooker responds to Simon Pegg – weak argument

Charlie Brooker has responded to Simon Pegg’s criticism, badly:


The article starts off talking about the Election results but soon drifts into a weak zombie argument that is in fact no argument. Basically Brooker elects to give people what they want (satisfying his own tastes as well) with no sense or logic to his choices. What a creative copout! and precisely why they keep funding poor genre films – because no one thinks them through, they just jump on the bandwagon, or even worse because people assume that the genre can’t be taken seriously and that horror fans won’t have a clue anyway.

So the only way he can possibly regain any kind of honour as a critic in my eyes is to ultimately feature his own shambolic Tv / Cinematic creation in an episode of his own acerbic Tv criticism show and give it the kicking it deserves. Otherwise he is merely another critic that can point the finger at others, but not at his own offerings.


As for DEAD SET – to quote Mr Brooker when he rates the election results “I give it four out of 10. A rental at best. – except I won’t be bothering to rent it either.

Simon Pegg 1 – Charlie Brooker – 0