Life lesson – scared of one's own reflection

Watching TIGER – SPY IN THE JUNGLE – the excellent and very chilled out documentary following the exploits of a family of beautiful and majestic Tiger cubs.

The 4 cubs have been plagued by a strange male Tiger while away from their Mother. While the other three play in the long grass, the fourth attempts a river crossing. As he is about to hop from stone to stone he spies a stranger in the water – his own reflection, but assumes it is yet another strange male Tiger. Frightened he backs off and moves to another part of the river to search for another crossing point. Each time he encounters the strange Tiger and is forced to back off. Eventually he goes the long way round, avoiding the water’s edge altogether, rather than solve the mystery of the strange Tiger in the water.

I can relate to this in so many ways…. the ‘fear of self’ is the major obstacle to overcome, in order to realise your dreams.


OUTPOST (2007):

I just finished watching this and have to say although far from original it was a damn sight more entertaining that I thought it would be. OUTPOST is a rag tag ensemble action/horror tale of 6 mercenaries and their client in search of an abandoned SS bunker which may hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of physics, but ultimately delivers nothing but a killing blow accompanied by some classic one-liners. It’s a tad predictable and totally unapologetic about the muddy bootprints it leaves after rifling through a couple of major 80s genre plots (PREDATOR and JOHN CARPENTERS’: THE FOG) and uses a carefree pick and mix US style approach to history and logic, completely subverting what would have happened for what could happen. I mean using nazis as the bad guys is like shooting Aryan fish in a barrel and hardly challenging… but having said that it delivers exactly what it promises – with invincible undead SS troops and plenty of answering fire power – and I will gladly watch it again for it’s atmospheric Field’s of the Nephilim style cliche back-lighting and as a reference for the way they financed the film so quickly!


Movie deal screenplay contest – deadline extended!

I have just submitted something to this. Might be worth considering it also, if you have scripts that are itching to be unveiled: friends use STUDENT ENTRY BUTTON to receive $25.00 off entry! – Use PROMO code SCP7028 (Courtesy of Write Brothers).

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The EEE has landed

I have my shiny new toy and I am typing this entry from it. The EEE PC is going to take a while to get used to – not only as I have to set it up with all the programs and drivers I need – but also because of its tiny size and teen keyboard.

I do have CELTX set up on it though. So the next day I go into the office I can try to write on a train that is jumping around.

It is small enough that it will sit on one thigh! The webcam is good, but the microphone is not that powerful. I think for video / audio messaging I may need to lug a daft headset around and the tiny keyboard will take some getting used to.


I recieved the final result of the SHRIEKFEST 2008 selections.I found out that “GAS” (Thriller / Drama / Horror category) – a short film based on ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est‘ and a rework of something I co-wrote with makeup FX whiz Richard Skelley years ago had been selected as a Semi-Finalist! Then the next day I found out that SEPULTURE (Horror / Scifi category) and FRAGRANCE OF DECAY (Fantasy Horror category) had not made it through as those genres are the most popular….


…… then this morning I found out that GAS had not made it as a Winner/Finalist.

I know I shouldn’t have expected to win – not my first competition – but you have to dream right? I did well to even make it into the Semi’s and I should be cheering, but I am still gutted that I didn’t win. I know the competition was fierce this year, but still…. gutted.