CELTX goes mobile with CELTX Script for iPhone and iPad

Apologies people, I know I’ve been bad and not posting of late. Hit by the bleak and distracted by life. But I’m back now.

Recently I treated myself to an iPhone 4 – after my old work took back the old iPhone 3 and it’s a whole new world of apps! Finally the iPhone, despite its flaws, has matured into something low budget filmmakers can make use of. Not only does it now enable you to shoot and edit video – more on that in another post – but App makers have taken advantage of the multi tasking capabilities of the new OS and developed some cool apps.

Ironically a week after I purchased the Scripts Pro app – the developers of CELTX get in on the act with their own Scriptwriting app! if I didn’t already have Scripts Pro, I’d definitely have purchased this; although Scripts pro is not just tied to CELTX and enables you to use Final Draft files too. I’m not sure how much screenwriting I will be doing on an iPhone, but the ability to work on my Macbook, then on my Hacbook and now on my iPhone means that I have no excuse not to write! I could write on the train, on the couch or in bed, and even in meetings, if I don’t need to pay attention – or in the pub or train when waiting around and killing time. It opens a whole new world of possibilities for the creative. Now if Scrivener comes out for the iPhone I’ll be in heaven!

– if you’re using it, please stop by to let me know how it’s going!

One thought on “CELTX goes mobile with CELTX Script for iPhone and iPad

  1. I have purchased both Celtx and Scripts Pro, and against all expectations, I am now only using the Celtix one. Why? simply because it is so easy to sync your script between the iPad and your mac that it defeats all purpose of using the just a tiny bid ergonomic Scripts Pro.
    Conclusion, if you don’t care about syncing between your computer and your iPad, keep Scripts, if you like to retouch your test on a big screen with a real mouse and keyboard, go for Celtx.

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