New online writing tool: Novlr

With Nanowrimo coming up – I thought it prudent to mention a new writing tool I’ve just become aware of: NOVLR. It’s a new free online novel writing tool, currently in need of beta testers. Fancy a go?

check out:

Not tried it myself, as I’m still deliciously wed to Scrivener (and also currently evaluating IAWriter – for use on my iPad mini, when writing on the move) but the feedback on the uncluttered interface seems positive.

Screenshot of Novlr

Novlr feature screenshot

Obviously you’ll need web access. That’s the only downside to this – you’ll have to be connected presumably, in order to access all of the collected work / features. Not a problem if you can blag free wifi in a Cafe. But you’ll have to use the export features if you want to take copies of your work on the move, when you can’t guarantee access to the online tool. At least you can use it via tablets and mobiles. Great news for Nanowrimo writers who jump on to different devices or fancy a change.

Production plan for Open Movie VFX film using Blender

Production plan for Open Movie VFX film using Blender:

This video –Β Open VFX MoviesΒ – has a very interesting take on using Blender (the open source 3D programme) as part of your production workflow for VFX films)

  1. Screenplay (CELTX)
  2. Concept Art (Krita and the GIMP)
  3. Storyboarding (CELTX
  4. Animatic (Video Sequence Editor in Blender) and Crappymatic (Animation with animated characters)
  5. Shooting (prepare props, casting, recce locations etc) – Used Blender to plan design of the sets
  6. Prepare footage
  7. Tracking
  8. Masking
  9. Layout
  10. Animation
  11. Compositing
  12. Grading

Check out Blender here.

Daily writing practice

Things I am going to attempt to do each day, to get back into my groove:

1. Brainstorm each day – (gather potential topics for future exploration, especially at the end to fuel my next session – reviewing them at the start of my next, if not already motivated by an idea or scene)….
2. Write every morning before work, on the train and after work – as a minimum part of my routine
3. Make friends with my Inner critic – ask his permission to make mistakes and convince him to back off a bit πŸ˜‰
4. Multi-task to keep me engaged, but only when encountering a creative roadblock
5. Write about the ordinary, my life, a journal, if it helps to put the time in and open that dialogue
6. Force myself to have new experiences – to help overcome roadblocks – new writing places? E.g. Lunch writing in different spots
7. Try visual collages – to capture an experience if I can’t find the words. Page through art /photography books for inspiration.
8. Create musical soundscapes that are evocative of the world or emotion I’m creating.
9. Visit a new place, walking, a museum, gig, listen to conversations, allow myself to watch and observe.
10. Nap, meditate, pray… to the old ones πŸ˜‰