3 Years of Blog wiped :(

Hello people. It’s been a while. But anyone who’s been following my misadventures in filmmaking wouldn’t necesarily be surprised by such absences – if anyone actually reads this drivel – but I can assure you that I have a good excuse for disappearing since I last posted in December!

That’s right people. I last posted in December 2018, and now it’s March 2019, and suddenly the last three years is gone from the Blog – like some cosmic joke of losing one year of blog per calendar month. And gone is the existing look-and-feel too! And it was as much a mystery to me, as it was to others involved, as to how it could have happened, and progressively become worse, as we delved deeper into trying to fix things… – thanks to the lovely people who also tried to help me unf%ck a totally f%cked situation – But you’re probably asking, how could it happen? and What exactly happened? Well let me bore you…

Back in December, just before I was heading off to the UK, giddy with packing for the trip and in a hurry, I posted a general update about how things were proceeding with the MR CLEAN web series. I had essentially finished writing MR CLEAN 2 &3. I was proud of that fact. And was blathering on about MR CLEAN as it was being edited and then – stupidly over confident – rather than do a backup first, I decided to do what I considered to be a minor update to the blog, and upgraded the scripting language used on the server to host the blog. How could it hurt, right?…. after all I’d backed up a few months before…

I hadn’t been updgrading the PHP version on the server. I didn’t know I had to. I just assumed that if paying someone to host it that they would take care of it. So when they hassled me by email for two months to upgrade to the latest version of PHP, or risk becoming obsolete, I just went ahead and pressed UPDATE. And then immediately I could no longer see my Blog. And then before you know it, even putting the PHP version back didn’t fix it. But then I did a really stupid thing!…

I had been getting daily backups of my blog database every day to my email, in addition to running local backups. I just stupidly assumed that this was a backup I could use to help rebuild my site. Then the second form of backup was that everything was in the WordPress app, so that was backed up too right? Erm no… the emails I was getting were of the least importan sh%t that anyone cares about, it was merely the names of posts, the amount of comments and visitors etc. And it turns out if you don’t buy a jetpack / wordpress.com plan, even though all that lovely data was in the app, it was not being backed up. Yeah you heard me. It was there, but as soon as changes were made, there was no way to get to that data! I googled all kinds of crazy work arounds, and didn’t connect my ipad to the net for months, so that it would preserve the data so that we could backwards engineer it, but no. It was gone. It was just an echo…

My hosting company were useless and merely looking for me to pay through the nose for help, recovering files from servers – as one happiness engineer after another contacted me and did the opposite of what their job title claimed. But even after paying, we found that the backups were missing years of files!

Ever since I started using the wordpress app my posts and associated images etc were no longer being backed up to my website. That’s why we have three years missing. Where were they? and why weren’t they on my site and being backed up when I ran local backups???????? That’s a mystery. Truly.

Luckily I have some very kind and patient friends who were able to take my site, migrate it, recover my files from local backups and throw a quick site together. But sadly, then I couldn’t post from it. Until now that is. I was really ready just to give it all up and bin the idea of the blog once and for all… but now that it is done, I really appreciate their help in getting this sorted.

So after three months, I’m back, sort of. And I’ll try to fill you in on what’s been happening in my creative life, and slowly repopulate some of the lost articles, for posterity….and I’ll try to clean up the look of the site etc asap.

If you’ve read this far, I appreciate the patience. And thank you for stopping by. This blog would not exist without someone to read it. It would be proper dead.

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